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Your website needs to be optimized to stand out from the rest in a crowded marketplace! It’s time to take your business to the next level.

Website Design

Our Team of creative Designers, Developers and Copywriters have the trade secrets, latest technology and know-how, to create you a high-performance website optimised for Search Engine Marketing.  Your website should showcase your offerings while converting audiences from browsers to buyers. Improve user experience (UX) on your website with clear and confident design.

When you invest in an Elite website, you improve your ability to engage your buyer personas, convert more leads, boost brand awareness, and connect with your audience personally, resulting in increased sales!

Website Development - Mobile Optimisation

Mobile optimisation

In 2019, it was confirmed that approximately 80% of users, used a mobile device to search the internet. Unlike most Agencies, we understand how to motivate and engage your users by building your website for mobile and optimising it for desktop. We analyse and target your audience, ensuring we select you the right option based on your functional requirements, budget and required customisation. Our sites are second to none!

Re-Designing Your Old Website

Is your existing website slow? Does it look strange on every other device other than your desktop? Are your perspective clients bouncing off your website before making a purchase?

Elite Marketing and Media can re-design, re-create and optimize your existing website, to ensure you convert traffic into customers! With your new website, you’ll boost your Google ranking, keep your audience on-page for longer, and increase you qualified leads and sales.

Website Development - Elite Marketing Website on Devices
Website Development - Functioning gears on website

Design, Copy and Content!

Do you want audiences to instantly recognise your brand? You’ll need branding that makes your business stand out from the crowd. This involves crafting an original image, name and voice to suit your offerings and to appeal to your target audience. Our talented designers and brand experts help you craft a brand that audiences will remember.

But that’s not all… Our team of skilled copywriters will turn your new website into a sales machine! Engage your prospects in all forms of copywriting from Direct Response, Short Form, Long Form, Call to Actions and of course Search Engine Optimisation!

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