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Pay-Per-Click Services

If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s possible to lose your shirt with digital ads.

Elite Marketing and Media tailor-make each and every advertising campaign specific to your target audience to ensure your money is not wasted on disinterested parties, and that your ads convert browsers into buyers!

Back To Front

Many agencies will happily take your money, chuck up a few ads and direct people to your home page. Nothing burns money faster!

We start at the point of conversion — the page which your next client will land on — and build back your ads from there. Don’t have optimised landing pages? Elite Marketing and Media have you covered! Enquire about our Tailored Direct Response Landing Pages and Sales Funnels NOW!

The most important part is understanding the state of mind of the “clicker” — are they ready to buy, or are they just browsing? Because everyone goes after the people who are ready to buy now, some of your most profitable ads will come from turning browsers into leads and ultimately buyers. This is why we provide our clients the option to retarget perspective clients who didn’t BUY IT NOW! 

Testing And Tracking

Paid advertising is not art — it’s science.

And we have proven formulas to grab your prospect’s attention AND convert them to buyers!

We’ll test and track your campaigns, to ensure the highest interaction from your prospects.

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The true sign of a digital advertising expert is someone who can scale your business! With Elite Marketing and Media you’re in safe hands — we’ll build you a marketing machine and ensure you become the Elite of your Industry!

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