Three Reasons Consumers Read Blogs In 2020

In 2020, there’s no question of whether or not blogs generate leads. In fact, marketers who prioritize blogging as a marketing strategy report 13-times the Return on Investment of companies that don’t.

However, many marketers are worried that blogging’s effectiveness could be losing steam. Before you start Googling and get wrapped up in all the negative data, it’s important to remember that blogging is still incredibly valuable to marketers, but the way you approach blogging matters now, more than ever. And while a previous survey found that 40% of people never read blogs, it conversely revealed that 60% of consumers read blog content regularly.

The truth is blogging is still a viable method to create brand awareness and a great method for Search Engine Optimization. You’ll just need to work a tiny bit harder to persuade people to read your content in 2020. So, what’s one way to get into a consumer’s head and figure out how to motivate them to read your blog? Performing another survey.

Rather than asking more than 300 people, “Do you read blogs?”, we launched a second survey that more deeply asked, “Why do you most commonly read blog posts?”

In the survey, which asked participants to select the most common reason that they consume blog content, answer options included, “To learn how to do something new,” “To be entertained,” “To learn more about products or brands,” and “To learn about news and trends in my job industry.”

3 Reasons People Read Blogs

1. People Read Blogs to Learn Something.

By far, the most common reason that people will read a blog post is to learn something new. This result doesn’t surprise us at all. Why? Posts that include guides, step-by-step processes, tutorial videos, or fast-facts often gain a large amount of search traffic. This is because people are looking up instructions for how to do things on Google every day.

Even when posts aren’t informing people of how to do something on a granular level, blogs that discuss complex topics such as studies, trends, or topics people are less familiar with can pique a person’s curiosity.

2. People read blogs to be entertained.

While people crave knowledge, they also like to be entertained. Each day, people might read blogs that tell interesting stories, make them laugh, or intrigue them in some other way.

But, as a business blogger, you might be asking yourself, “How can I entertain my readers while still keeping my blog professional?”

The truth is, when you think creatively, there are a number of ways you can entertain your audience while still staying on brand. For example, you could create a fun infographic or photo post about a viral trend in your industry, While your readers might not be willing to invest in this viral trend, the imagery and information about the trend might entertain them.

3. People read blogs to learn about trends related to their job industry.

While people might not be interested in reading blogs that specifically discuss your product or brand, they could be more intrigued by a blog that discusses an industry your product is affiliated with.

While the poll result noted in the introduction came from general consumers with mixed professional backgrounds, it’s likely that those in the workforce will read a blog if it educates them or provides them with valuable information about their industry.

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