How You or Your Small Businesses Can Take Advantage of the Australian Stimulus Packages

Here’s a fun little challenge for you: name three marketing strategies you’d recommend to someone who’s getting their start in the field. Easy, right?
This is what I’d suggest — social media marketing, email newsletters, and content offers. As marketers, we can pretty much list useful, tried-and-true marketing tactics like clockwork. We know what works. But when delighting customers is a top priority, the “same old, same old” can seem redundant to your audiences.

For that reason, thinking outside of the box when conducting marketing strategies is essential. You don’t want to bore your customers, and you don’t want to get bored creating the same campaigns, either.

Here, we’re going to introduce some marketing strategies that you may have (or may not have) seen before, but that you haven’t seen popularly implemented in years.

1. Create and distribute infographics.

19% of marketers use infographics as part of their content marketing campaigns. They are very useful for audiences when distributing data on social media. Infographics present complicated information in a simple, fun format.

2. Invest in a video series strategy.

Are you investing in your content marketing strategy? If you are, or plan to, and don’t yet produce videos or a video series, video content is a great place to start. Videos can be about anything related to your brand!

3. Use SEO in other areas.

Search Engine Optimisation is great for building traffic, but you can also use it for other areas of your business. For example, keyword research can help you name your products, so leads have a better chance of finding them.

As another SEO tactic that serves customers, you can use previous data you’ve collected to create a customer-focussed strategy that caters to every part of the buyer’s journey. If you’ve noticed that you’re generating enough leads, but aren’t converting enough customers, Search Engine Optimisation data could help you figure out where that gap is and how to fix it.

4. Refer to metrics for decision-making.

Did you know that only 35% of marketers believe that understanding metrics of previous campaigns is important?! Understanding the metrics and Return of Investment of previous campaigns can heavily influence how you structure the next one.

ROI data is one of the indicators that can tell you if you met your business goals. Additionally, analyzing what audiences were interested and converted from browsers to buyers.

If you need professional advice on developing a marketing strategy, talk to one of our team members today!

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