Four Tips to Find Focus

As millions around Australia adjust to working remotely full time, many are struggling to stay focussed, productive and to find motivation without compromising a work-life balance.

Searching for focus, reducing distractions and resisting the constant temptations of browsing the web, surfing social media platforms and checking your notifications the top priorities when working remotely. According to the Anatomy of Work Index, nearly three quarters of workers experience a burnout every year. Without the right process or framework to adapt a remote work life, it is not unreasonable to expect that number to increase, signaling implications for employee morale, engagement and ultimately, employee retention.

Fortunately there are a few simple steps you can take to regain control of your work schedules and get back to productivity.

Take control of your notifications

The chances are that you don’t need to receive a ping every thirty minutes because friends are spending increased time on social media platforms. The same principle applies every time a team member asks a question or provides an update on a project. It is time to ‘Opt-Out’. Turn off the always on mindsert and turn off social media notifications, as well as other non-mandatory notifications for set periods each day.

Time blocks

Research has shown that taking small breaks throughout the day actually increases productivity. However your small breaks can turn in to hour long distractions if you don’t monitor them. To keep yourself accountable, pre-set time blocks for non-work activities throughout your day to check the news or social media if you must! When the time block ends, close the apps, turn off notifications and get back to business!

Change your surroundings

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to tune out digital distractions, you just cant seem to focus… It’s time to change the scenery. Psychologists found that putting yourself in a new environment, even the next room, can help your brain re-set and jumpstart creativity. With todays technology, you can simply pick up the laptop and relocate without having to move your whole office!

Use ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode

When you cant seem to resist the urge to check emails, social media platforms and other digital distractions, Do Not Disturb is the answer! Most mainstream productivity tools and devices have Do Not Disturb modes so you can disconnect and focus on the task at hand. You can set scheduled focus times from 30 minutes or until tomorrow! Get into the zone and get it done! No excuses!

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