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With approximately 17 million active monthly users in Australia, there is no doubt that advertising on Facebook opens a world of possibility for marketers. However, social media marketing is complex, so if you are looking for some Facebook ads tips to help you build an effective video marketing strategy, you have come to the right place.

One of the big questions that many marketers ask is whether a video or static image will drive more engagement and conversions on Facebook. While there are obvious differences in cost and production time that need to be considered, the most important factor when deciding between the two should be the results they drive.

At Elite, we have seen that videos generate more engagement and at a lower cost per lead, than static images.

Static vs Video

You think you know it all, but the truth is, no one except Facebook knows all the secrets of their algorithm. They have divulged some clues, including noting that video content drives higher engagement than all other content and also given specific recommendations on how to effectively to incorporate video into a Facebook ads campaign, based on their own testing of an 8 day campaign model that determined which combination of static images and videos delivered the best results.

Despite a series of 2 static images generating more site visits, Facebook’s research found that a video ad followed by a static image ad had the highest number of conversions overall. This generated an average increase of 1.3 times more. In fact, the group that viewed a video then an image was 31 per cent more likely to complete an online transaction.

At Elite Marketing and Media, we have also run our own A/B testing on Facebook Ads with a combination of static images and a short video at the top end of a sales funnel and found that the static image had a lower CPC, however the video generated:

5x more link clicks
10.5x more total clicks
4.6x more landing page views.

The bottom line was, that the video had significantly more engagement leading us to commit the remainder of our budget to that ad.

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